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Ich bin ein Preuße, kennt ihr meine Farben?

Prussia is a stab-first-ask-questions-later (or don’t ask at all) kind of guy. He likes to fight, drink, curse, prove to himself and the other that he is the best (and he’s constantly saying that out loud) and he’s determined to become Europe’s top empire.

He especially likes to pick on Austria and Hungary (who was his friend when they were kids and the only one who can stop Gilbert if he gets out of control) .

Des Preußen Adler schweben wolkenan.
Prussia is protective, resourceful, decisive, really ego-centric and have some major domineering issues. He favors brutal tactics but is not as cruel or intimidating as he seems and can be heroic and magnanimous too. He likes being independent and resisting everyone, and that’s why can’t suffer the idea of someone controlling him.

Even if he tries to convince himself that he doesn’t need people (Prussia avoid marriages like no one else) he gets depressed on occasion because of his lack of friends. Beneath his imposing exterior, he often feels hurt and rejected, although this is something he seldom talks about because Prussia has trouble admitting his vulnerability to himself, let alone to anyone else.

Ich bin ein Preuße, will ein Preuße sein.

Gilbert keeps all the diaries he wrote since he was a kid, being a nation and therefore living for centuries, that resulted in a giant library filled with diaries.


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