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"Guten Tag, sorry I'm not here right now. I'm so disappointed to be missing your grouching and complaining about why we have invaded you or crushes your vital regons, even if it was the most interesting thing ever hapened to you in a century.

To speak to somebody who has it so much harder than you, write a letter. To speak to God to repent for referring to me as the B word last time we spoke, bark like a dog, spin in a circle and throw yourself to the river. To speak to the Devil who will soon be welcoming you home, wait until I get there.

Thank you and have an awesome day."
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Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character: Gilbert Beilschmidt
Player LJ:  Lylith_st
Email: Lylith_st@yahoo.es

Concrit post: Help me to improve~


Aug. 5th, 2019 07:30 pm
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Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character: Gilbert Beilschmidt
Player LJ: [personal profile] lylith_st
Email: Lylith_st@yahoo.es

Concrit post: Help me to improve~
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Ey people, the loverbirds need a bachelor party so I picking you all up to have one..

Spain we are crashing at your place, theres no way I'm doing this in mine and the weather is nicer there.

[ooc: drunk!post gets~ comment complaining or Feel free to assume that you got worldhopped to Spain's place and threadjack,  RL/actio spam as mcuh as you want]
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I got a internet dog.......what.

[Locked to Mello]

Blondie, did you looked under your bed recently?

[/Locked to Mello]

[Ref. here]
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I don't recall destroying the Garden of Eden....and as far as I know, I don't eat blood and iron for dinner.

Even if some things here seem true I'm don't think that you  people from the future got all the facts right.


Feb. 28th, 2010 01:06 am
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...and this should totally be the Hetalia cast house XD
~It's a small world~ )
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With all that shit going on with the fog I forgot about my b-day....again.

So not awesome.
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[Prussia found the pups plying in the living room, but Reich wasn't anywhere visible, so he imagined that the little boy was in the library again. Oh well..he will keep his awesome self entertained with the pups until Feliciano showed up.]
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[The video starts in one of the huge rooms of Prussia's home. The door opens and Gilbert peeks his head inside to be sure that Ludwig is not there and then comes in in a hurry and close the door. ]

Good , he's not here, now I have to find a place for you two until tomorrow morning.

[Gilbert says, turning back and facing the camera. He has two small dogs in his arms, the German shepherd is trying to pat the chick in his head, and the Doberman is sleepy.]

Nein, nein Schäferhund...[He says to the shepherd.] ..bad doggie. [The pup stops, looks at him for a second and then licks Gilbert's face.]  AUUUUUUUUUGHHHH! 

[At the sound of that yell, a small blonde boy opend the door and looks at his odler brother in confusion.] Oh..damn it....
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[There's a bunny under one of the tables of the cafeteria. He's cleaning his ears because he got caught in Kaito's prank an now his awesome white fur is stained with green and red. That was just another thing to add to his horrible day after Mello turned him a bunny thanks to a stupid spell.

Glomp/kick/feed/anoy/ call him the killer bunny of caerbannog?]
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[[The video starts with a outside view of the palace of Sanssouci, and then change to show one of the luxury rooms.There's an albino red tailed hawk in the middle of the room, fluttering his wings angrily.

A click of a door opening it's hear and the hawk is ready to dig his claws in the first person that tries to come in (Unless that person it's the oh so awesome Old Fritz, of course). But there's no person, instead of that Gilbert's small birdie comes in and chirps happily at his now birdfied master.

Hawk! Prussia calm down a bit and then squeacks as the birdie approach him and starts to rub his head against his feathers, cooing happily.]
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[The war was coming to an end, the Kingdom of Prussia had conquered almost all of Silesia, but some parts in the extreme southeast, like the Duchy of Teschen and Duchy of Troppau, remained possessions of the Habsburg Monarchy as Austrian Silesia.

Conflicts were still the daily bread and Gilbert couldn't left his world for long, but those battles were perfect for venting. They worldhoped to the Duchy of Troppau in the part north of Opava River, Prussia's territory. Gilbert smiled at the view and conduced Mello to his tent.]


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