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[The war was coming to an end, the Kingdom of Prussia had conquered almost all of Silesia, but some parts in the extreme southeast, like the Duchy of Teschen and Duchy of Troppau, remained possessions of the Habsburg Monarchy as Austrian Silesia.

Conflicts were still the daily bread and Gilbert couldn't left his world for long, but those battles were perfect for venting. They worldhoped to the Duchy of Troppau in the part north of Opava River, Prussia's territory. Gilbert smiled at the view and conduced Mello to his tent.]

Date: 2009-11-23 01:34 pm (UTC)
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Mello wasn't exactly used to battlefields, but he still felt right at home. Conflict? Hell yeah! Besides, he couldn't exactly admit that he was a little nervous. Danger was part of the appeal after all, and he simply went along with what came his way.

He followed Gilbert to his tent, lips curled into a slight smirk. This was witnessing history first-hand, except better.

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Gilbert talked to one of his soldiers in his way to the tent and the man nodded, rushing away to do what he was ordered to do.

"We are going t attack te east front in less than an hour."Prussia’s frowned for a mere second at the sudden pain in his hsoulder. He would have thought the pain wouldn’t be as sharp, these attacks had been coming less and less often these days but Austria was stubborn. And it wasn’t like he wasn’t used to pain, anyway. He was Prussia, after all, a nation born to battle.

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Mello listened to every word exchanged in German. He had been picking up bits and pieces here and there, but it still wasn't enough to really converse.

He nodded acknowledgement at Gilbert just as he saw the albino wince. Damn. He knew that a nation such as him was used to pain, so it would take quite a bit to even get that much out of him. But he didn't bring it up, instead facing forward as they walked and answering as any soldier would.


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Date: 2009-11-23 04:51 pm (UTC)
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Prussia smiled. Not his usual cocky grin, and actuall smile. Soon enough the solder from before was asked permission to enter, left a package in the table and retired again. Prussia gestured to the package. "You need to be dressed for the ocassion."

If te mad did it the right way, and Gilbert had no doubt about it , it was a prussian soldier after all, there was an uniform of Mello's size and a sword for him waiting for him in that package.

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Date: 2009-11-23 06:28 pm (UTC)
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Mello approached that packege, unwrapping it, and grinned. Being slim as he was, this uniform would be a rather lose fit, but he was used to that.
He looked at the sword for a moment, unsure how well he'd do with it in combat, but then... what he lacked in muscle he made up for with quick reflexes, accuracy and ferocity. He shrugged the thought away, and got to "dressing for the occasion", seeing as him and Gilbert were the only ones in the tent, and the canvas had fallen back into place behind the soldier after he left.

He did wonder how long the other man's self-control would last as he watched, but he didn't bother testing the limits right now. There was a battle to be won here, and plenty of time after.
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Gilbert followed Mello with his eyes, wondering how exactly he ended in a relationship now only with one, but two person.

He wasn't much of a social person either, destroying any idea of a kind personality to match his strange looks (grey-blonde hair, crimson eyes, pale skin, sharp protruding cheekbones...), Gilbert knew he was quite strange-looking to strangers. It didn't matter--it wasn't like he wanted to get close to anyone. Until he met them, that's is. It feel strange.

"You don't' have to use the sword, we have rifles. But I wanted you to have one."
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Mello was just buttoning the jacket of his uniform as he heard the suggestion.

"I've never used one of your rifles before," he replied, before looking over his shoulder towards the nation, giving him a questioning look.

"...you wanted me to? ...Thanks."

This was the first time Mello could remember ever wearing a uniform, ever being part of a group. It was... odd. An army fought for a country, but he... fought for someone who meant the world to him. Obviously, there wasn't much he could do by himself. And this battle was as much for Gilbert as it was for him. But still, it was something he could do to help 'his' nation and it felt awkward, but good.


Date: 2009-11-23 10:45 pm (UTC)
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He had a point, the weapons of Mello's world where smaller and a lot more strange, it wouldn't be easy to get used to the ones with 3 hundred years of difference. He stood up and walked near him, caressing his back. He knew that Mello needed to fight too, needed the distraction. But sure has hell he was not going to let anybody hurt him.

"Don't mention it."

ILU2. ♥

Date: 2009-11-23 11:29 pm (UTC)
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He gave a quiet, comfortable sigh at the touch. Knowing that Gilbert would look out for him specifically made this seem a little unfair- but at the same time, he felt safe. When was the last time he'd been able to let go of his paranoia like this? Five years ago? ...probably something along those lines.
Mello turned to face his boyfriend. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to just reach up to his face, running his fingers down his cheek. ...So different from all humans he knew...

"How much longer?" he asked quietly. How much longer until the battle begins, of course.
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Gilbert smiled, a mischievously half smirk that showed a fang, and leaned into the touch. He just managed to get Mello perfectly dressed up and now he wanted to get rid of those clothes.

"Half hour or so...plenty of time." He always felt eager before a battle, excited. Mello's presence just make it better.

Thank youuuu~ ♥

Date: 2009-11-25 02:21 am (UTC)
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Mello knew that smile. He knew it well, and damn if this was wrong but he loved it - so he smirked right back.

"It's not like they'd start without you anyway."

Grabbing the older man's belt he roughly pulled them even closer together, before running his other hand to the albino's neck and grabbing a fistful of greyish white hair. No more time for words, or thoughts, or gentleness. He didn't want anything coherent on his mind right now. So he crashed his mouth against Gilbert's, starting their personal little prelude for war.

Welcomeeeee~ ♥ To the good stuff! :D

Date: 2009-11-25 01:09 pm (UTC)
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Prussia grinned agains his mouth before to returns the kiss.His arms slid around Mello's waist, one hand moving so his fingers tangled into the blond hair; pulling his head back as his lips crashed down against the other one. Gilbert pulled him against his body as he took advantage and slid his tongue over his, starting to explore his mouth.


Date: 2009-11-25 02:13 pm (UTC)
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Not that he didn't know that taste well enough already. Mello fought for dominance in the kiss every bit of the way, knowing it to be a futile before he started. But he wouldn't be himself if he didn't try. In the meantime, the hand that wasn't entangled in the nation's hair snaked it's way past belt and jacket, only to find the shirt underneath neatly tucked in and impossible to get past. He could almost feel a scar on Gilbert's back through the fabric now. It would have to do, as much as he wanted the entire body for his hands to rediscover.
Too much clothing in the way of things, clearly.
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He was not surprised by Mello's response, he will not have it any other way, and neither by his dissapointment. Being dressed the right way for a battle was more important that people thought but it was really annoying in situations like this.

But no one could say that Gilbert wasnt adaptable and, after all, Mello wasn't that well dressed. Gilbert eyes glinted as he moved a hand to his neck and pushed the material of his shirt down. The nation scratched his teeth down the exposed collarbone, the next moment licking the red mark he left behind.
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Mello drew in a sharp breath at this, swearing inwardly at Gilbert for being so damn dressed, he couldn't even do anything in return. He'd closed his eyes without thinking about it, leaning into it, clearly enjoying what he felt.
His hand tensed on Gilbert's neck, digging into the flesh from both frustration and pleasure.
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Prussia chuckled between kisses and bites, put a hand under his shirt at the first opportunity. He scratched his nails down Mello's chest, down his stomach; hooking into the top of his trousers, kissing him again for better distraction. Gilbert mentally curses the few time they had.

He started moving backwards, pulling Mello with him as his hands skirted up and down the boy's sides, his fingers moving along the thin material. His knees hit the side of the desk; that would need to be enough for now. Prussia he sat in front of Mello, breaking the kiss as his fingers latched onto the bottom of the shirt, his eyes looking deeply into his partner.

...you have way too many sexy icons, you know.

Date: 2009-11-25 05:34 pm (UTC)
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If he'd been able to think clearly, Mello would've agreed that they had too little time. As it was though, his mind was on other things, namely hands and lips and maybe a need for oxygen.

His breath a little faster than before, Mello met the red eyes with his own blue ones. A hungry, challenging look. He wanted more of that extremely pleasant distraction, more of him. So little exposed skin to work with...

He ran his thumb along the albino's jawline, closing the distance to kiss his throat, using both teeth and tongue on the sensitive skin. Still not enough. In the meantime his other hand was busy unbuttoning the nation's jacket. They wouldn't get anywhere with all this fabric in the way, after all.
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He leaned his head back, allowing Mello more access to his neck while pressing his fingers just above the blond's belly button, his hands moving to the hips.

His chest heaved as his breathing became instantly deeper, eyes closing against the sudden heat that washed over him. Prussia couldn’t hold back a smile and wrapped his legs around Mello's waist as his lips looked for his once more, his tongue instantly seeking access.

.....you're probably right about that.

Date: 2009-11-25 11:38 pm (UTC)
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Their kiss was a struggle, as always - and neither of them ever gave in, did they? Mello let himself be drawn close to the other until their bodies touched once more, which momentarily made him gasp for air. He'd finally managed to rid Gilbert of his jacket, raking his fingers across the much thinner fabric of the shirt now, up his sides, down his spine, tracing the scars he couldn't see, but feel.

His thoughts raced too fast for him to bother to follow, now. All he wanted was this moment, him and his lover and the heat of the moment.

Mello is always sexy tooo :3

Date: 2009-11-26 12:27 am (UTC)
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Prussia will not have it any other way, he enjoyed a partner that could match him. He shuddered slightly when Mello caressed the scars, form pain or pleasure that was hard to tell. Many, many battles, some he won, some he refused to admit he lost...He moaned Mello's name and buried his hands in the blond hair.

One more thing they have in common. ;P

Date: 2009-11-26 01:18 am (UTC)
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This intensity felt like all Mello had ever wanted. As if in reply, Mello sealed Prussia's lips with a kiss upon hearing his name, entering the other's mouth at once as if claiming him for his own. ...not that he'd actually stand a chance if the nation didn't want him to.
From: [identity profile] east-darkhorse.livejournal.com
And with this defiance comes the fiery intensity of new lovers, Prussia thought. The kiss never broke, as his hands ran across the other's arms, chest, back. When they parted to breath, Gilbert was already moving his mouth down Mellos's neck towards his chest. Harshly, almost angrily, he pulled thes shirt open and ran his hands across the pale skin of the belly as his mouth caressed small, hard nipples.
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Moaning quietly, Mello closed his eyes and ran his hands through his lover's white hair.

However, there was noise outside. Soldiers running about, orders being shouted, preparations for the battle that was soon to start. They barely got through to Mello's hazy mind, he didn't want to hear it, he just wanted to continue where this was going.

I agree <3

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Gilbert wasn't paying attention to any sound that didn't come frorm Mello, but he could feel their people's nerves. He was not going to be able to ignore it for longer. Prussias's eyes narrowed and he let go a low, deep growl againt's Mellos's chest. "They're agitated." He murmured, breathing over the skin he just licked.

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Mello let out a sigh that was partly disappointment, and partly an attempt to calm himself down. "Suppose that means I have to get dressed again," he murmured. One hand resting in Prussia's neck, the other draped over his shoulder, he still didn't seem to feel like moving.

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